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Self-publishing and print-on-demand technologies allow authors to publish their books without the constraints of a publishing house and without investing large amounts of money in producing high-quality printed or electronic books. BookWright offers you templates and easy-to-use features to let you design your family, photo, and travel books, as well as magazines, comic books, and e-books in the most straightforward way. Developed and distributed freely by Blurb, this self-service publishing company can then print as many copies of your book as needed and send them to your for a price. They can also convert your book into a MOBI or EPUB3 e-book that you then sell on Amazon and other online platforms via the Ingram catalog.

Designing the layout of your book – regardless of its content – couldn’t be simpler. BookWright comes with a set of professionally-designed templates suitable for all kinds of trade books, magazines, catalogs, comic books, etc., both as printed copies or as a fully-compatible e-book. The template selected will tell you where to put your images and texts, and will provide you with tools to edit both so that they fit your preferences. You can use the proposed layout simply as a basis for your book, and remove or add new images and text boxes as needed. Text can be customized in terms of font, size, alignment, orientation, and indentation, and you can import your own text either by copying and pasting it or by importing a print-ready RTF file. Here you may find certain inconsistencies in terms of layout, as BookWright’s level of flexibility is fairly limited when compared to that of an RTF file.

When building a photo album, travel book, family album, or a magazine, you’ll find default boxes where you can drag and drop your images. These boxes are fully customizable so that you can move them around the page just by dragging them with your mouse, resize and rotate them easily, add frames to them, send them to the background or bring them to the foreground, etc. You’ll be warned whenever the resolution of your images is too low for the size selected, and the program may resize them for you to guarantee the best quality possible. The editor’s zooming capabilities and its excellent preview tool will let you both check the overall appearance of the text and fine-tune your creation down to the smallest detail.

BookWright won’t let you go before you’ve designed a cover for your publication and added an ISBN number to it. You can then save your design as a low-res PDF file and send the high-quality proprietary file to Blurb to order your printed copies. The possibilities are endless, and the overall quality of the final product is of a high standard. You won’t find the level of flexibility and a number of features that InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, or any other similar tool offer to the professional publishing industry, but you will be surprised to find that the quality of the end product has nothing to envy of them.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Book templates
  • Drag and drop images
  • Import RTF files
  • PDF output
  • Image and text editing options
  • Produces printed and electronic books
  • Free ISBN for your book


  • Layout limitations when importing RTF text files
  • Blurb's proprietary tool and format
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